Learn 6 Benefits Of Solar Water Heaters


When we are building or redesigning a home, or just considering potential home improvement projects, then the possibility of solar water heating is something that we might consider. This is where we harness the power of the sun to provide hot water for people to use in bathing and cleaning. Keep reading to learn 6 benefits of solar water heaters that might work out well in our home.


1) Save money on our power bill: Solar water heaters free our utility bill through the grid from being responsible for heating our water. We would recommend our colleagues at http://solarwaterheaterfolsom.com/if you’re thinking about upgrading your heater. Our traditional water heater not only heats the water we use, but keeps water hot and available all the time. The savings on our monthly utility add up fast.


2) Save more money: Many locations get refunds, rebates, and tax credits or deductions for green things like solar water heaters, giving us a chance to either save money or get some back.

3) Save space: Depending on the solar water heater and home in question, the installation of it might actually eat up less space in a home. Depending on how tight we are for space, freeing up a closet can be a storage bonanza, or possibly even the chance to expand a room or knock out a wall.


4) Make going green a family value: Solar water heating is guaranteed to use clean, renewable energy, which might not happen if we use grid power to heat our water. We can also teach our kids our green values and instill in them the importance of taking care of the Earth.


5) Add extra hot water to our supply: Some homes choose to add solar water heaters on top of or in addition to traditional water heaters. They do this to make sure they still have hot water in colder months or when the sun is not out so much, but also because some households grow in head count and simply need more available water when everyone showers in the morning.


6) Durability: Solar water heater installations, in most cases, actually last longer than conventional water heaters. Since they have to be maintained or replaced less often, their per-month average cost over the course of their service life is going to average out lower in the end.


Solar water heating is not a possibility in all homes, depending on things ranging from geographic location and roof angle to homeowner association rules and local building codes. Even then, not all of these 6 benefits of solar water heaters might not be applicable to our home, but if more than two are, consider if it’s worth it!


Discover The Best Things To Do In Sacramento

Traveling to Sacramento can be rewarding because we find so much to do. This is when we should know what all we can do in Sacramento while we are waiting for the Kings game, but also if we are visiting the beautiful city when the Kings are off. Then we can start to see what makes this city such a great place to travel to and why it has quickly risen in popularity as a vacation destination. Volunteering in Sacramento is also a very special activity to learn the area better. 


California State Railroad Museum is a destination that people are going to really want to visit. While the railroad helped to build the nation a lot of people do not realize the impact that it has made in California. By taking a tour of the railroad museum it is very easy for people to see how the early railroads have changed and they are now the modern juggernauts of industry they have become.


Sutter’s Fort is the older fort that has been fully restored in the pioneer world and even in America. This fort will make it easier for we to take a step back into this type of life and then we can start to experience the hardships that are presented by the pioneers who would settle in this area. The difference is we get a chance to go home or to our hotel room at the end of the day instead of experience the hardships of night in a frontier fort.


California State Capital Museum is another location that we would want to take time to tour if we want to learn about the history of California. The capital museum is going to give everyone a chance to explore the history of California through exhibits and displays. This is a very educational location that makes it easier for we to start to explore the region and know about California.


Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament is a church, but it is definitely a destination that we will want to go to. This destination has some of the most beautiful religious artwork, statues, and even worship space possible. Not to mention the cathedral offers tours of the location and it is very easy for people to see this is a place that can be toured and kept in mind as a great destination stop. One of the best volunteer opportunities in Sacramento would have to be found through Team Giving. 


The California Museum is a location that a lot of people will want to stop at if they want to explore the different cultures that have been in Sacramento for a long time. By knowing about this stop and the cultural representation that is here, it will be easy for people to see how Sacramento has evolved over time.


Having a great vacation can be a good thing. However, when we are trying to find the different things to do in Sacramento we should know it can be more difficult than what we think. By knowing about the top attractions in the Sacramento region it will be easy for we to have a great vacation and find that the city has plenty for we to do.


4 Helpful Wedding Venue Marketing Tips

wedding planner marketing

It goes without saying that you need to be creative when it comes to your wedding marketing efforts when you are in charge of a wedding venue. While there will always be people looking for wonderful places to get married, you need to be able to bring in steady clientele. It is always best to step back and take a look at your venue from the prospective of potential couples looking to get married and the brainstorming process can begin. These are four amazing tips on getting the wedding planner marketing underway that you need in order for your space to be highly sought after by a great deal of couples waiting to say ‘I do’.


Think About Partnering Up


If you have a wedding venue, you will usually be one of the very first stops that a couple will make when they set out to conquer their wedding planning checklist. However, there are a few important businesses that many brides and grooms will get to know before they have a chance to get to you. If you use a venue like The Ridge Golf Course – Weddings then you know you will be taken care of. 


Jewelers – It goes without saying that the engagement ring will be purchased prior to the question being popped or the date being set. When you are able to partner up with a local jewelry store, you can make it even more enticing for a couple that is soon to be engaged and your venue can end up at the very top of their list to check out.


Bridal Shops – Did you know that a lot of brides are known for shopping for a dress even before they have the ring on their finger? Once she knows that the time is near, she may visit local bridal shops and even try on a few gowns just to give her an idea of what she likes. The bridal shop is a wonderful place to help introduce our wedding venue to the brides to be before they get a chance to see any of your competition.


Think about giving partners such as these a coupon or voucher that can be given to newly engaged couples that make a purchase with their business. If you want to give away gifts such as Sacramento Golf, then partnering up with a golf course would be a great idea. This allows for a special introduction to your wedding venue along with added value and incentive to book a date. Great ideas include a brunch or lunch at your wedding venue, an invite for a romantic wine tasting, or even a discount on their booking.


Meet Up Online


A big challenge that a lot of couple’s face is selecting the perfect location. You should put your venue in the forefront online as they are putting in all of their search criteria. Is is important that you work on getting listings on the best wedding sites on page one, which can be done either through involved SEO practices or buying advertising in this space. You can also partner with some of the top websites and other businesses so that your wedding venue can get listed.


Show Real Weddings


While it is nice to see choreographed photos to add whimsy to your pages, couples love to see real weddings. This will mean viewing real photos of real brides and grooms having their wedding at your venue and even the ability to read up on reviews from past clientele. Another great opportunity can be had in this instance when you partner with a local photographer to increase business for the both of you in this very area.


Think About A Good Social Media Ad Campaign


You know it already. Social media is everywhere and it is a part of our daily lives. Many brides take to social media to find out information on decorating, dresses, honeymoons and more when they are planning their wedding. One of the best examples of this is the social media presence from The Ridge, and you can find their website here: http://ridgegc.com/


Facebook Advertising – This is a simple way to set up ads to run and you can really target the perfect demographic to bring a great deal of business to your wedding venue.


Tweeting Regularly – Some wedding venues like to take to Twitter to not only announce specials, but to also advertise contests and promotional offers.


No matter what, you will find that the right marketing for wedding planners tips can go a long way to helping you really make your business shine and becoming a household name in your local area for all couples looking to tie the knot.


4 Small Business Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Online Business Strategy

Are you a small business owner? If so, then you need to be competitive and this means you should be marketing your business. Lucky for you, there are various small business marketing strategies you can try. Below are four of the best business growth strategies, so read on and then you can implement them.


1. Create Videos- It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or what kind of products or services you offer, or whether or not you’re an online business or a physical business, creating videos can help you. You can create videos about the products you offer or explain your services or you can discuss the industry in general. Keep your videos short and only stick to a single topic for each video you create because you want to post at least 1-2 videos per week. At the end of every video, make sure you have a call-to-action, even if it’s just to get people to your site or to purchase the product you just discussed.


2. Maintain A Blog- Small business owners should create and maintain a blog that is separate from their main website. The blog should be updated a few times per week and at the end of each blog post, a call-to-action should be given to readers. Make sure you share each blog post to your social media profiles because the more people who see your blog, the better your chances are you’ll get results. The more you post to your blog, the better the odds that Google will take notice and start indexing your posts, which means you could generate traffic from the search engines.


3. Special Offers On Facebook- One of the best business strategy is to have special offers specifically for your Facebook fans and followers. Create a tab on Facebook and then create your offer. Be creative and then encourage your followers on Facebook to share your offer. The offer can be anything or you can create a contest solely for people who are on your Facebook page and this will increase interest in your business.


4. Do Article Marketing- Article marketing involves creating unique articles and then publishing them on various article sharing websites. A good idea is to create 4-5 articles per week. The articles can be about your business, industry or anything related to your company and then publish them to 4-5 different websites.


At the end of every article, include your business’s name, link to your website and a short line about you, the owner. However, the last part is optional. As time goes on, you’ll have many articles on various sites and you could end up getting more customers online and offline, so make sure you take advantage of article marketing.


Article marketing, creating special offers on Facebook and maintaining a blog are great business strategies So is creating videos and publishing them to various video sharing websites. If you do those four things and you’re consistent, then you’ll be able to take your business to another level.